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    Breakfast Conference on Coaching

    Coaching Presence

    Date and time
    Date & time

    January 10, 2020
    7 a.m. – 9 a.m.


    Room 14.250
    John Molson Building
    1450 Guy
    Sir George Williams Campus


    Member ICF Quebec: $15 / Member ICF: $18 / Non-Member: $22


    Jim Gavin, PhD, ABPP, MCC, IMC




    Most coaches know how to talk about coaching presence, and fully embrace its importance. But, being present? Well, on this we may rate ourselves in different sessions on a scale, ranging from “not so much” to the Holy Grail of “well, mostly, I think.” Sometimes, maybe after you look at yourself coaching in a recent Zoom recording, you may feel compelled to sign up for the very next 10-day Vipassanna Meditation Course. Ultimately, presence is usually a “work in progress” for most of us. In this session, we will play with our understanding of what presence is, how much we can reasonably expect of ourselves in a coaching session, what the somatic sense of presence is, what it looks like from the outside, and how we can embody it more of the time everywhere in our lives. And we will also navigate our way through what research tells us about coaching presence. Promise! We won’t meditate for the entire session.

    Keep an eye on the ICF Québec activities calendar for more breakfast sessions in this series! 

    About the Speaker


    Jim Gavin, PhD, ABPP, MCC, IMC

    Dr. Jim Gavin is an ICF MCC as well as an Integral Master Coach. He serves as a full professor of applied human sciences and director of the Center for Human Relations at Concordia University in Montreal.  He designed and currently delivers the Concordia ACTP coach certification program which has been running since 2006.

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