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    Office of the Dean

    Paula Wood-Adams,
    Dean of Graduate Studies
    Effrosyni Diamantoudi,
    Associate Dean, Recruitment and Awards
    Awards, recruitment.
    Peter Pawelek,
    Associate Dean, Student Affairs and Postdoctoral Studies
    Admissions, postdoctoral studies, theses, student progress, student requests.
    Brad Nelson,
    Associate Dean, Academic Programs and Development
    New programs, Individualized Program, GradProSkills, curriculum development and reform, liaison with Concordia International.
    Joanne Beaudoin,
    Administrative Director
    Council secretary, SGS operations, personnel, and budget.
    Amir Aghdam,
    Academic Code Administrator
    Implements the Academic Code of Conduct for graduate students.
    Erika MacFadden,
    Coordinator, Information and Projects
    Assistant to code administrator, documentation, archives, GPD liaison.
    Michael Jordan,
    Executive Secretary to the Dean
    Manages Dean’s agenda and correspondence, processes budget requisitions.
    Adriana Rico,
    Web and Graduate Calendar Coordinator
    SGS website, on-line Graduate Calendar.
    Jennifer Sachs,
    Assistant, Office of the Dean
    Greets and refers visitors for Dean's office, agendas for Associate Deans, administrative support for the Office of the Dean.
    Service Assistant
    Greets and refers visitors, responds to front-line enquiries for SGS units, archiving, SRF triage.

    Academic?Programs and Development

    Saul Carliner,
    Graduate Program Director
    Graduate Program Director for the Graduate Certificate in University Teaching (UNIT).
    Rachel Berger,
    Graduate Program Director
    Graduate Program Director for the Individualized Program (INDI), Master and PhD.
    Kristy Clarke,
    Manager, Academic Programs and Development
    Manages the Academic Programs and Development team, which includes GradProSkills, new graduate program development and curriculum changes, graduate professional development, INDI and UNIT programs.
    Gina Beltran,
    Developer, Graduate Academic Programs
    Administrative leadership for graduate curriculum changes and new program development. Coordination of graduate professional development projects.
    Darlene Dubiel,
    Coordinator, INDI and UNIT
    Administrative support for all aspects of the Individualized Program (INDI), and the Graduate Certificate in University Teaching (UNIT).
    Racha Cheikh-Ibrahim
    Coordinator, Academic Programs and Development
    Conducts research and development of academic programs and GradProSkills. Coordinates events and outreach to programs and faculties.
    Cristina Barbu,
    Administrative Assistant, GradProSkills
    Supports daily operations of GradProSkills, including responding to student and partner inquiries and workshop logistics.

    Graduate Admissions, Student Affairs and Thesis

    Virginia Bruce,
    Director, Graduate Admissions
    and Student Affairs
    Oversees graduate admissions standards, policies and procedures, IITS liaison, web registration, student requests related to admissions, liaison with faculty representatives.
    Raja Bhattacharya,
    Advisor, Student Affairs
    Academic standing issues, student requests, issues and receives all research-based program reports, produces all performance monitoring letters for programs.
    Jennifer Bacon,
    Analyst, Graduate Enrolment
    Conducts analysis of graduate enrolments, student requests pertaining to registration, inter-university registration requests.
    Irene Grigoropoulos,
    Advisor, Graduate Admissions
    Assesses and establishes admission requirements from international countries, international exchanges, reviews all exceptional applications for admission.
    Dolly Grewal,
    Administrator, Thesis
    Administers all theses and graduation prizes. Maintains the listing of doctoral these rankings and recognition opportunities for students in thesis programs.
    Coordinator, Thesis
    All doctoral theses (scheduling of defences, first and final submissions), Master’s thesis (final submissions) and graduation lists.

    Graduate Awards and Postdoctoral Studies

    Cynthia Raso,
    Manager, Graduate Awards and Postdoctoral Studies
    All graduate awards and postdoctoral policies and procedures, liaison with University Advancement and Financial Services.
    Michael Verwey,
    Developer, Graduate Fellowships
    Foster research growth by providing advice and guidance to students, faculty, and departments, in order to contribute to increasing the quality of fellowship applications submitted by students, and to optimize the success rate in external fellowship competitions.
    Marwa Gouda,
    Advisor, External Awards
    Student and faculty liaison for all federal and provincial external agency awards (i.e. SSHRC, NSERC, FRQSC, FRQNT, etc…), as well as the special entrance award.
    Jordan Carey,
    Advisor, Internal Awards
    Student and faculty liaison for all internal awards (pre-allocated, departmental, conference and thesis completion). Coordinates all graduate awards data in the Student Information System.
    Niyusha Samadi,
    Coordinator, Postdoctoral Development
    Postdoctoral fellow and faculty liaison for all matters related to postdoctoral affairs, including the Horizon and Banting competitions. Developing and implementing the IDP (Individual Development Plan) for our postdocs.

    Recruitment, Outreach and Communication

    Donald Lafrance,
    Manager, Graduate Recruitment and Outreach
    Graduate student recruitment, communication strategies and activities.
    Lorena Marzitelli,
    Officer, Graduate Recruitment
    Graduate student recruiter, represents the University at graduate fairs in Canada, North Eastern U.S.A. and International Fairs, coordinates on campus recruitment events, SGS events and student orientation.
    Rachel Andren,
    Advisor, Communications
    Assists the School in the development and implementation of communication strategies. Also the point of contact and liaison between the School and University Recruitment and University Communication Services.
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