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    Requesting official transcripts

    Official transcripts can now be requested online. It’s the fastest and easiest way to request your transcript!
    • We can send official transcripts directly to the institution requiring them.
    • We can also place the transcript in a sealed envelope and either mail it to you, or
    • You can pick it up at the Enrolment Services office.
    • You can select a Complete Undergrad/Grad* transcript (this transcript includes all of the academic studies (undergraduate and/or graduate) you have undertaken, or
    • You can select a Graduate Studies Only transcript (this transcript displays only the graduate level studies you have undertaken.
    • As of January 2015, all 7 digit student ID numbers were changed to 8 digits. As such, former students must add the number 2 to the start of their original student ID number (ex. 21234567).

    *Most commonly requested transcript.

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